In This Moment – Mindfulness

In This Moment – Mindfulness

Courage To Change — April 4, 2019

Dropped the ball here, hey? Or maybe not? It’s the morning after at this point, and I was so very much in the moment yesterday, maybe not as mindful of what all was happening but still, totally in the moment, so much so I forgot I hadn’t posted yet. Sorry.

Quick and Simple Disclaimer: The readings in this post are literally taken wholesale out of the book entitled Courage to Change. You can find it at Amazon, Here. The portion entitled Alleged Insight, well that mess is all me.
If you’re an introvert, go buy the book, if you’re a broke introvert, the text from many good books can be found HERE , if you’re in dire straits however, go find an Al-Anon Meeting, it saved me.

So onward to Today’s Reading

I used to love the stillness of early morning, but over the years of living with an alcoholic, I stopped noticing it. Instead, I woke up the same way I went to sleep – frantic. Before I was out of bed I already had a long list of crises that needed my attention. So no matter how early I got up, I was already late. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t get up at all.

My life has changed. I heard someone in Al-Anon say that when they open their eyes in the morning, they also open their ears. Now as I awaken, I listen for the birds. I choose not to review my plans for the day until I’ve had my breakfast. I prefer to take time to appreciate my favorite part of the day.

Al-Anon is helping me to clear my mind of my burdens so that I am able to enjoy the wonder of the moment. I am beginning to enjoy a childlike awe about the splendor of nature, to see the beauty all around me, to let my face break into a smile spontaneously, to laugh, to love, to live again. TodayI can say, “Good Morning God,” instead of “good God, it’s morning.”

Today’s reminder

Today I’ll be keenly aware of mys senses. I will think about what I am experiencing at this moment. I won’t let the beauty of this day slip by unnoticed.

“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.”

Quote: Albert Camus

Alleged Insight:

Mindfulness, being in the moment. Appreciating the beauty of what’s around us. Can any of us, in this crazy mixed up life of parenting, children, chaos, failing grandparents, and always connected to EVERYTHING, can any of us manage to be serene in the moment? I know it’s hard to be able to think straight, or even to think at all sometimes. I am under a great deal of a time crunch, it’s six thirty in the morning and I have children to wake and chivy out the door to catch their school bus.

Closing thoughts:

This morning you get my apologies for not having a moment to get this right. Enjoy the reading perhaps, and I’ll be back later with today’s readings. Duke.

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